At, we are committed to empowering you on your journey towards professional success and self-discovery. Our range of services is designed to provide you with valuable insights, guidance, and connections that will propel you towards your career goals.

Remote Administered Events

Experience engaging and informative remote administered events with Whether it’s a panel discussion, a small class at your local YMCA, or other virtual gatherings, we offer opportunities to discover career paths driven by professionals who share your background and experiences. These events provide a platform for you to connect with individuals who look like you, gaining access to inspiring stories of success. With guidance from professionals who understand your journey, you’ll navigate workplace challenges with confidence. Our commitment to showcasing thriving professionals of color, despite systemic discrimination, encourages you to explore previously unseen paths and unlock new possibilities. Join us to connect with vibrant communities, learn from exceptional professionals, and embark on a journey of career discovery that will leave a lasting impression.

Video Presentation Services

Elevate your understanding of career paths and success stories with our Video Presentation Services. Immerse yourself in a visual journey of discovery, driven by professionals who mirror your experiences. Access inspiring stories of triumph, cultivating self-exploration and building unshakeable confidence. As you navigate the complexities of the workplace, our videos provide guidance from those who comprehend the challenges you face.’s commitment to showcasing professionals of color who have transcended systemic barriers allows you to gain insights into their daily routines, income trajectories, and the unique paths they’ve taken to success. Partner with Vitaes to connect with dynamic communities and exceptional professionals of color. Our video presentations invite you to embark on a career discovery voyage that will not only enrich your understanding but also propel you towards your goals.

Join us today at to uncover a world of inspiration, guidance, and growth as you navigate your professional journey.

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