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We hear often from students that they connections to professionals that can answer life and career questions. Most Importantly, they are interested in speaking to professionals that look like them that can answer questions that only someone that is culturally aligned can fully understand.

Vitaes VCONNECT is a growing network of BIPOC professionals that volunteer time to provide guidance to student interested in similar careers.

Welcome to VCONNECT. VCONNECT is a virtual mentoring program is one that connects mentors and mentees through virtual communication instead of requiring physical meetings face-to-face. Our virtual mentorship program is established, maintained, and tracked using digital tools that automate much of the process to help reduce how much time everyone involved (mentors, mentees, administrators) needs to spend on managing the relationship.

For example, if a mentor and mentee communicate primarily through email, phone calls, business chat services like Slack, or video conference platforms like Zoom, this would in essence be an example of virtual mentoring. Many of us have become accustomed to remote communication tools, making the transition to mentoring via virtual tools feel completely natural.


Many BIPOC professionals are seeking ways to “give back” to their community. The problem is time. Working professionals don’t know how to get started, where to go and how to get involved with limited time to donate. Moreover, they want to ensure their employer recognizes this effort as a part of their service to their community and company. VCONNECT is the answer. VCONNECT provides the community to connect and administers the details so that mentors, mentees, employers and communities are served with as little time spent as possible.

The mentor/mentee relationship holds significant value in various aspects of personal and professional development. Here are some key reasons why this relationship is highly beneficial:

  • Knowledge & skill transfer
  • Personal Growth
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Career Advancement
  • Objective Feedback
  • Inspiration & Motivation
  • Reducing Learning Curve

The mentor/mentee relationship is a valuable partnership that can accelerate learning, personal growth, and career development. It’s a two-way exchange, benefiting both the mentor and the mentee, and it plays a vital role in professional and personal success.

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