The economy, careers and jobs are changing faster than ever. Finding the career of your choice requires new techniques while building and leveraging relationships through all methods available.

The job market has changed dramatically in the last ten years and the old ways of landing jobs are not enough anymore. Your relentless focus must be on developing relationships to get into interviews, deepen your digital footprint in your target field/occupation, and demonstrating your value to potential employers.

Those seeking additional guidance after the consultation will follow a proven path towards greater clarity. It’s outlined as follows:

  1. Self Assessments
  2. Make a list of Occupations to explore
  3. Explore the Occupations
  4. Cut to a short list
  5. Conduct Informational Interviews
  6. Make your choice
  7. Establish Goals

The initial 30 minute consultations are complimentary.  If after our conversation you wish to continue, my hourly rate for individual coaching is $175, invoiced in partial-hour increments. There are no minimums or “volume discounts”.  You are welcome to establish a budget.

PayPal or Venmo, checks, online bank payments are accepted. I share materials previously developed and for which there is no additional charge, such as personal worksheet, meetings guides, sample cover letters, job interview prep docs, etc. My work is 100{8c1053fa7dd87e5e26b865285a9d18a7285532e84e9e4c67b057a6f5ed4a2f9d} confidential and I work with adult clients of all ages and in all fields.

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